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THU 2.29.21 Show: Respect; Amazon Union? ; White House Job

WED 2.28.21 Show: Census; Nutrition and Exercise w/ The Diet Doc; Things That Have Been Banned From Whitehouse

TUE 2.27.21 Show: Tucker Carlson Opinions, Driverless Car Safety Features; Parenting and Birth Order w/ Kevin Leman

MON 4.26.21 Show: Dinosaurs and Paleontology w/ Thomas Carr; Shakespearean Insults

FRI 4.23.21 Show: Mel’s Copyright Email; News and Carbon Capture Technology

THU 4.22.21 Show: Earth Day; Speaking Gorillas w/ Dr. Tara Stoinski

WED 4.21.21 Show: Air Tags, Atmosphere on Mars; Master Gardener Mike Nowak on Gardening

TUE 4.20.21 Show: Commemorating 4/20 Show ft. Chicago Al

MON 4.19.21 Show: Nasa Helicopter Touching Down on Mars, Space & Science; Eldon Ham on Guns and Gun Control

FRI 4.9.21 Show: Talking Dreams; Lucid Dreaming w/ Charlie Morley

THU 4.8.21 Show: Intelligence Show; Artificial Intelligence, Animal Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence

WED 4.7.21 Show: Dog Cognition Study Overview; Behind The Cheddar Curtain w/ Cheese Master Steve Stettler

FRI 4.2.21 Show: Happy Easter, Baskets, Candy, Coloring Eggs and Early Memories

THU 4.1.21 Show: April Fools’ Day; National MLB; Baseball w/ Chicago Al

WED 3.31.21 Show: Wrigley Field w/ Garry; John Lewis Voting Rights Bill, Coca Cola

TUE 3.30.21 Show: National Doctor’s Day; Art Therapy w/ Stephanie Clark from the Road Home Program

MON 3.29.21 Show: Extraterrestrials; Criminal Justice w/ Microphone Jones

FRI 3.5.21 Show: Men and Woman Tasks Survey w/ Office Manager; National Unplugging Day; Al Entertains in 5 Minutes

THU 3.4.21 Show: Skype w/ New Zealander Johan Els, NZ Lockdown, COVID Response; Charades w/ News Director

WED 3.3.21 Show: Chat with Psychologist Vaile Wright on S.A.D and Mental Health; World’s First Space Hotel

TUE 3.2.21 Show: Unions; Visit to Jamaica w/ Wellesley Gayle; Visit from Microphone Jones

MON 3.1.21 Show: Dr.Paul on Vaccines; Postage Stamps; Breaking News

WED 2.10.21 Show: Space, Impeachment w/ Aaron and Visit to Las Vegas with AL

TUE 2.9.21 Show: Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Bird Food

MON 2.8.21 Show: Jay Barker Private Detective; Aaron on Avi Loeb, UFOs

THU 12.17.20 Show: Ernie Hudson Bday; The Simpsons Predictions

Wed 12.16.20 Show: Vaccine Deniers; Phobias

TUE 12.15.20 Show: Eiffel’s Bday, 10 French Inventions; Hanukkah House

FRI 12.11.20 Show: News Wrap-up; PlantWave; Acronym Game W/ Garry, Sparks & Aaron

THU 12.10.20 Show: Science & Nature; Happy Hanukkah

WED 12.9.20 Show: News, Mount Everest; The Bumble Bee

TUE 12.8.20 Show: Cannibas Industry w/ Portia Mittons

MON 12.7.20 Show: Pearl Harbor Day; Rosie The Riveter, Nicknames

FRI 12.4.20 Show: Aaron Bread Starter and UFOS; Guess The Christmas Movie game & Christmas Rebus

THU 12.3.20 Show: Revisiting Road Trip w/ Smiley, 21 Cities in 23 Days

WED 12.2.20 Show: Dr. Paul on Vaccine Progress

TUE 12.1. 20 Show: Aaron Metorite Update and Political Opinion; Mycology Talk w/ Andrew Wilson, Ph.D.

MON 11.30.20 Show: Live NZ adventure w/ Johan and Microphone Jones

FRI 11.27.20 Show: Misheard Song Lyrics; American Statistical Association; Game

THU 11.26.20 Show: Mouth Sounds;Thanksgiving Day

WED 11.25.20 Show: Science, Crafts in the Air; Charla Draper from Butterball

TUE 11.24.20 Show: Bacon & Eggs; D.B. Cooper

MON 11.23.20 Show: Speculating Life on Mars

FRI 11.20.20 Show: Polling Talk; Chat and Game w/ Harley J. Spiller

THU 11.19.20 Show: Presidential Pets; Talking Mushrooms with Bruch Reed

WED 11.18.20 Show: Talking Polls; Talking Media

TUE 11.17.20 Show: Voting Fraud w/ Birds in New Zealand; Revisiting Dr. Paul

FRI 11.13.20 Show: Friday The 13th, Superstitions Explained; Winning Election Again

THU 11.12.20 Show: Commander in Chief; 20 Inventions from Space Travel

WED 11.11.20 Show: Space and Science Talk; Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day

TUE 11.10.20 Show: BasketBall w/ Microphone Jones

MON 11.9.20 Show: Painter Vanessa Arandt @ 37 Minutes

FRI 11.6.20 Show: Election Coverage Continues; Microphone Jones, Military support on Trump

THU 11.5.20 Show: Who’s Ahead on the Race?; Comments from Chicago Al

WED 11.4.20 Show: Counting Red and Blue States so far

TUE 11.3.20 Show: Presidents of the Past; Election Day Talk

MON 11.2.20 Show: Remembering Sean Connery, Standby for Election Day

FRI 10.30.20 Show: Haunted Studio on Halloween Special; Kari Lydersen

THU 10.29.20 Show: Vet Michael McClenahan

TUE 10.27.20 Show: Aaron Science Baron on Moon; Supper House Chicago

MON 10.26.20 Show: Baby Boomer Toys; Snow in October

FRI 10.23.20 Show: California Doug; Eldon Ham

THU 10.22.20 Show: Tim Walsh: Audio Puzzle & Radio Rebus Teaser

WED 10.21.20 Show: Drumspeak; Socks and Evolution

TUE 10.20.20 Show: Kamala’s Bday; News Baron Aaron on Election

MON 10.19.20 Show: Dr. Sahas Barve, Ornithologist; End of Trump Prediction

THU 10.15.20 Show: Tara Beveroth Ornithologist & Birder; Bird Songs

WED 10.14.20 Show: Plastic Bags; Microphone Jones on Figuring It Out

TUE 10.13.20 Show: Mercury Retrograde; Voter Suppression

FRI 10.9.20 Show: Gym Talk with Lance; Vice Presidential Quiz

THU 10.8.20 Show: Quick VP Debate Analyze; Microphone Jones Halloween

WED 10.7.20 Show: Deepfoot Returns; Enneagram With Emily

TUE 10.6.20 Show: Sick Presidents; Garry Talks Voting; Spark’s Lists Teaser

MON 10.5.20 Show: News-Baron Aaron and Garry on Trump and Presidency

TUE 9.29.20 Show: Life on Mars; SpongeBob Conspiracy; Bartering LPs

MON 9.28.20 Show: Garry Fills out Mail-In Ballot

WED 9.16.20 Show: Happy Mexican Independence Day w/ Music; Rubik’s Cube

TUE 9.15.20 Show: Exploring Life on Venus and Space w/ News-Baron Aaron; Evolution Of Birds

MON 9.14.20 Show: Tuts and The Maytals; Buzzfeed- 29 Entertaining Things…pt. 1

FRI 9.11.20 Show: Doctor Paul Explains Vaccines; News-Baron Aaron Explains Trump

WED 9.9.20 Show: Seasonal Affective Disorder; Books vs. Screens

TUE 9.8.20 Show: Star Trek; Daylight Savings; Carolina Mike

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